Book Leslie to make your next event unforgettable!

Leslie is guaranteed to dazzle a crowd of any size from intimate to Olympic. Her high caliber cabaret act blends the pageantry of beautiful costumes, the sensuality of belly dancing and the sizzling spectacle of fire performance into a dizzying and colorful new form that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Her fun act is tasteful and family oriented.

Leslie is a member of the professional fire troupe Pyrosutra, which has held a Seattle fire permit for performance since 2000. They have a perfect safety record and keep it that way by always having trained fire safety on hand.

Leslie can be booked as a solo performer, with a partner or can raise a standing army of beautiful ladies and circus freaks to fit the bill for any occasion.

There are many non-fire alternatives available if fire is not appropriate for your venue such as the luxurious ostrich feather fan or silk veil dancing, hula hoping, sword balancing and stilt walking. Shows will be designed to fit your needs.

Get in touch

Voice- 206.696.1444

Most Requested:
5-15 min of Bellydance from $150
5–15 min of Fire Dance from $250 includes fire safety person
Most popular package – 15 min Show (2) Fire Dancers - Starts at $500

Got something EXTRA special coming up?! Get a whole troupe of fire performers – Up to 6 performers – male/female A variety of looks and themes available. Get in touch to discuss pricing. NO one will forget your event.

*All prices are for performance in Seattle. Fire performance fee include a dedicated fire safety person as well as the performer(s)

Group lessons for women's parties

Getting married! Strippers and penis straws aren’t for you and your lady friends? How about a Bellydancing class for your bacholerette party – Sparkly Hip Scarf can be provided to borrow or you can make arrangement ahead of time to purchase scarves from the instructor so you can gift one to each of your ladies as a keepsake from a special fun day together.

45 min lesson and 10 min performance - starting at $250

Blessing way - baby shower bellydance class and/or performance – Bellydance is a traditional part of birth preparation in the Berber culture of Morocco not only for the expected mother but her community of female friends and relations. Learn the swaying of the hips in circles and figure 8’s to help build strength in the legs and pelvic floor. Gentle enough for the expectant mother but fun for all!

45 min lesson and 5 min group circle dance around the mother to be – starting at $250 in Seattle


All workshops are planned to be 1.5 to 2 hours long but can be offered as mini-workshops for a shorter taste of the topics.

* Bellydance Toolbox – Beginning Bellydance - refine your basic shapes
* Sacred geometry – Continuing Bellydance - multi-dimensional bellydance for goddess warriors
* Acrobatic training for bellydance floorwork - conditioning
* Bellydance Workout - Stretch and tone – Drills and Thrills
* Balancing
* Breathwork for bellydancers – Combining yogic breath with stomach work to help dancers sink deeper into the exploration of the isolations of the torso
* Hoop
* Hoop 2
* Hoop for bellydancers – hoop isolations explained in Bellydance speak with special emphasis on using the hoop to training turns and bellydance isolations
* Candle Dancing
* Fire 101 – All the basics, tools, fuel, how to store it, safety guidelines
* Handlamps / Palm torches
* Basic Poi

Private lessons are available for Bellydance, Hoop and Fire. Please contact the instructor for pricing information

Group classes for bellydance and hoop are available on a weekly basis in Seattle. Please check the classes page for more info.

Bellydancing With Fire Instructional DVD Now Available!